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begüm khan
begüm khan
begüm khan
“I love the idea that we can dress with jewels and I always translate the fabric into jewellery.”

“I don’t care what others think of my designs and whether it will sell or not. I have my own belief in my own concept of beauty. And that’s the end of it.”

“I have always thought cufflinks have something mysterious about them.
They are half-hidden under the jacket, half-shown. In my opinion, this kind of veiled elegance is very alluring and sophisticated.”


begüm khan
Born into a family of Ottoman art
collectors in the ancient imperial capital 
Istanbul, Begüm Kıroglu spent her childhood
surrounded by rare and beautiful objects.

Begüm’s passion for art and culture drew her further east, along the historic Silk Road to China. During her five years in Shanghai she completed her masters degree on Chinese culture and art. Strongly influenced by the past and present of these two modern-day style capitals, Begüm began exploring the world of design.

Begüm always dreamed of creating timeless pieces with a touch of old-world glamour to the contemporary woman’s lifestyle.

Begüm’s jewellery can be categorized as unique ‘pieces of art’ that are challenging in terms of composition and craftsmanship. She reinterprets the lush and splendid influences of the Ottoman culture with a modern twist. Fused with the upscale artisanal quality, her designs are whimsical and surprising. You can wear them to uplift your mood and make any outfit dazzling.

Begüm‘s obsession for natural curiosities and unusual beauties flourished during her childhood. As she finds joy in creating, she has always been drawn to make beautiful things.

Strong, confident; female.
Begüm understands and salutes the power of the female in her designs. Her aim is to make her women feel super confident and super ready to take on the world.

Splendor redefined.
Long regal gowns, rich embroidery, colourful feathers, glittering tiaras, and lavishly deployed jewels... This season in 2018, Begüm Khan takes Marie Antoinette as her muse and she invites you to join her in this journey.

begüm khan

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