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begüm khan
begüm khan
begüm khan
I have always thought cufflinks have
something mysterious about them.
They are half hidden under the jacket,
half shown. In my opinion, this kind
of veiled elegance is very alluring
and sophisticated.


begüm khan
Born into a family of Ottoman art
collectors in the ancient imperial capital
Istanbul, Begüm Kiroglu spent her childhood
surrounded by rare and beautiful objects.

Begüm‘s passion for art and culture drew her further east, along the historic Silk Road to China. During her five years in Shanghai she completed her masters‘ degree in Chinese culture and art. Strongly influenced by the past and present of these two modern-day style capitals, Begüm began exploring the world of design.

Modern embodiments of imperial Chinese and Ottoman heritages, cufflinks held a sophisticated allure, an air of veiled elegance with their half-hidden, half-revealed appearance. Begüm dreamed of creating timeless pieces with a touch of old-world glamour to the contemporary gentleman‘s lifestyle.

Drawing on the craftsmanship local to her birthplace, she combined her passion for both the ancient and the moderm, the East and the Far East, and so the luxurious and extraordinary, Begüm Khan brand was born.

The cufflinks are handcrafted in the heart of Istanbul‘s Old Town, by Turkish artisans devoted to creating original objets d‘art. Combining an appreciation of rare and precious materials, from baroque pearls to indian rose cut emeralds, with decades of artistry, Begüm Khan cufflinks offer the modern dandy an extravagant taste of eccentric sensibility along with funky elegance.

More than mere accessories, each enchanting design has a story of its own and a special resonance for the designer.

begüm khan

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begüm khan
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